Khazanteh Story (国鼎茶故事)


人生蕴含了生、老、病、残、死 ,五个阶段。在1997年,细菌腐蚀了我的主动脉心瓣膜。为了继续存活,我只能接受机械主动脉心脏瓣膜手术。从此,我必须终身依赖口服抗凝固的药物。在医学上,除了流血不止外,没有证明有其他的副作用。然而在2007年,我开始觉得我的肩膀和膝盖的软骨有松弛及疼痛。因此,我每天补充钙质,身体也开始有显逐进步。我从小就有鼻窦炎症,这正是我淋巴时常发炎的主因。手术后,我的鼻窦炎变得更加平密,淋巴也时常发炎。2014年,口服抗生素开始不能完全消灭细菌了。我必须到医院打针液体抗生素才能复原。我平均每个月鼻窦炎复发,平均两个月淋巴扁桃腺发炎。医生要求我每天服三颗青霉素(抗生素)保护人工心瓣膜和提高免疫力。2015年,我研究基因,病菌感染,自由基。研究结果;自由基是万病之源。同年,我把超抗氧化物,黄酮类化合物和植物性微量元素综合成份完美比率制成茶品。2016年5月1日,我开始每天泡茶服用,两个月后,我的鼻窦炎症再次复发。我坚持不服抗生素直到复原。之后,感冒及鼻窦炎次数越来越少了。至今,鼻窦炎及淋巴炎治愈了,免疫力也恢复正常水平。我成功研发国鼎茶也拥有了健康!



The product story

In life, we will go through five stages, firstly birth, followed by getting old, falling sick, disability and lastly death. In the year 1997, a bacterial infection invaded my aortic heart valve. I have undergone a mechanical aortic heart valve surgery in order to survive. Since then, I have commenced a life long anticoagulant therapy. In medical aspects, there are no other side effects besides of bleeding. However in 2007, my knees and shoulders started aching and my knees became weaker. I have consumed calcium supplements daily to overcome the problem and they have showed some remarkable progress. Besides, my sinusitis worsen after my surgery and this has caused lymphadenitis. Starting from the year 2014, I realized that antibiotic can no longer kill the bacteria and I had no choice but to go to the hospital for a liquid antibiotic injection. The doctor gave me three pills of penicillins a day to boost my immune system and protect my heart valves. In year 2015, I started to study genetic, factors of virus infection and free radicals. The results have proven that free radicals are source of all diseases. At the same year, I have composited a perfect proportion of super antioxidant, flavanoids and plant-based trace elements into a tea; KHAZANTEH. Since 1st May 2016, I started to consume KHAZANTEH everyday and my sinusitis only recurred after two months. I insisted not to rely on antibiotics to recover from my illness. From then till now, my sinusitis and lymphadenitis rarely occurred, my immune system was back to normal. I have successfully researched and developed KHAZANTEH and it has retrieved my health.

Product researcher and developer

Chang Fai Chan

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