Consume Methods (饮用方法)

饮用方法 / Consume Methods


Recommend brewing methods

  1. 净水煮开后,将热水注入茶壶内浸泡约1至2分钟。为了保持茶汤均匀,请将茶汤注入茶海,再分至茶杯品尝。再后,每次冲泡时间顺延约30秒。茶汤味淡了,加入新与旧茶袋一起浸泡约1至2分钟。
    Boil the spring water and pour the hot water into a teapot to simmer for 1 to 2 minutes. To make sure the tea infuse evenly, please pour the tea into tea pitcher, then fill the tea snifter to drink. After that, every brew delaying the time around 30 seconds. When the tea taste lighter, add in new teabag steep along with the used teabag and simmer for 1 to 2 minutes.

  2. 全日方便享用,把茶袋放进1200-1500毫升保温壶里热水浸泡,品尝后可重复冲泡。茶汤味淡,加入新与旧茶袋一起浸泡,可依个人喜好做调整。
    Easy to consume all day long. Puts the teabag into the 1200 ml to 1500 ml thermos bottle with hot water and simmer, may repeat steep after drinking. When the tea taste lighter, add in new teabag steep along with the used teabag, may refer to personal preferences.

《 国鼎茶 无咖啡因,无茶碱,无单宁酸,不含草酸,无农药,可安心重复冲泡 》

Caffeine-free, theophylline-free, tannic acid-free, oxalic acid-free, pesticide free, ease to steep repeatedly.

* 对易患肾结石及贫血患者是绝佳的饮品 *

Best drink for potential kidney stone and anemia patients.


每日清除人体内多余的自由基, 疾病,医生远离我 !

Everyday scavenge excessive free radicals in the body, keeps the diseases and doctors away!


People with great patience may drink 1 to 2 teabags each day for a month, you will feel the magical changes.

  • 生病及重危病患,孕妇及未成年人( 16岁以下儿童 ) 咨询医药专业指示食用 。

    Patients with severe underlying heath problems, pregnant woman and underage children ( below the age of 16 ).Should seek advice of healthcare professional before use.

  • 空腹饮茶不宜 。
    Do not drink tea with an empty stomach.

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